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À quelles dates peut-on célébrer un mariage?

À quelles dates peut-on célébrer un mariage?





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Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, for 6 avril 2017

TO: Karen Yosafat Beleck Ideally the wedding should be held on a different date. However, if there is some sort of pressing need it can be held the evening before the fast - provided that the Chuppah be held during the daytime of the 16th. If the Chuppah is held during the day, the wedding celebration can continue into the evening.
It would be best to discuss this matter with the officiating rabbi. Reply

Karen A Beleck Baltimore 6 avril 2017
En réponse à Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, for

Thank you! Reply

Karen Yosafat Beleck Baltimore, MD 3 avril 2017

The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz is a Day Fast. Can there be a wedding the night before? Reply

Anonymous Miami 29 mars 2017

Is it okay to get married lag b omer. Do the festivities have to end by a special time Reply

Simcha Bart for 31 mars 2017
En réponse à Anonymous:

One may get married on Lag B'Omer. Though it may be ideal to finish the wedding before nightfall, as long as it began during the day - one does not need to stop by a certain time.

Reply Staff 27 juin 2016

To Patricia Mazal tov on your upcoming wedding. Jewish weddings cannot be held on August 7 2016 as that date falls during the Nine Days of Mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple, a time when weddings and celebrations are not permitted. The following Sunday is the Fast of Nine Av no weddings are allowed then either, the next available Sunday would be August 21, this is for 2016. Reply

Patricia Miami 27 juin 2016

Wedding Could we get married on Sunday August 7 2016? Reply

Simcha Bart for Los Angeles 25 mai 2016

October 2016 has very few possibilities, as it is filled with Holidays - the only dates available are Oct. 13, 26, 27, 30, and 31.

You can make a wedding on any date in November and December 2016, except for Friday and Saturday as mentioned in the article above.


Rochel Chein for 24 mai 2016

Wedding the night before the tenth of Tevet A Rabbi should be consulted regarding scheduling weddings on this evening, as there are different opinions on whether or not it is permissible. Reply

Aharona 23 mai 2016

That's after the dates we wanted. That lands on Jan of 2017. Thanks for your help?? Reply

Anonymous usa 22 mai 2016

can you make a wedding in the evening before the Tenth of Tevet??
thank you. H Reply

Aharona Boston 19 mai 2016

Help! ;) Please help me pick a day for wedding between oct and dec 2016! There's so many things to think about and to be honest we just want to be married by this time. Thank you! Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for 11 mai 2016

Re: Auspicious times The "auspicious times" mentioned in the Torah refers to statements made without any basis. But auspicious times with Jewish and Torah based backing are certainly legitimate. Reply

Anonymous 10 mai 2016

Doesn't Vayikra 19:26 prohibit acting on the basis of auspicious times? How can it be allowed for there to be auspicious times for a wedding? (I understand there being forbidden times due to other laws prohibiting certain dates.) Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for 20 mars 2016

Re: 27 Nissan There are different customs regarding that date, therefore a local rabbi should be consulted (ideally the one that will be officiating at the wedding). Reply

Anonymous NYC 18 mars 2016

Can a wedding be held April 23 2017 (Nissan 27) Reply Staff 6 janvier 2016

To Anonymous Mazal tov on the wedding! April 23 2016 is Passover and Shabbat, Jewish weddings cannot be held on that day. Reply

Anonymous Philippines 24 décembre 2015

Can a jewish wedding be performed on April 23, 2016? Reply Staff 15 décembre 2015

To Anonymous Yes, there's no issue with that date. Reply

Anonymous India 15 décembre 2015

Can a jewish wedding be performed on March 30, 2016? Reply